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Excelsior Classic Remote Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Installation Pic.1
Installation Pic.2
Pilot drill tracks with 5mm drill bit. All the way through. Drill face of track with 13mm drill bit.
WARNING! Do not drill all the way through.
Installation Pic.3 Installation Pic.4
Slide guides onto the end plates as shown. Mark out and position the guides. Plumb sides and top.
Installation Pic.5 Installation Pic.6
Fix the guides to the wall with appropriate fixings. Make sure a fixing point is made at the top of the end plates. Fix the barrel to the end plates feed the motor cable trough the grommet drilled out in the end plate.
(This diagram shows right hand side motor)
Installation Pic.7 Installation Pic.8
Slide the AUTOLOCKS use bubble wrap or similar to prevent on damage to the curtain surface. Carefully feed the curtain into the tracks. Over the top of the barrel.
WARNING! Risk of material damage. Use bubble wrap or similar around the barrel to protect.
Installation Pic.9

First wire the motor and control box as shown.

1. Now press and hold the downward travel button and rotate the barrel until it stops.

2. Now connect the curtain to the tube using the anti lift hinges provided.

Limit Settings

Do not use the manual override prior to setting the limit switches.
Only use the limit setting tool provided.
Do not use power tools to adjust the limit position.
Do not hose the motor with water.

If the motor stops working, wait for 20 mins to allow the motor to cool before further operations.

The tubular geared motor has intergral electromechanical limit switches that cut off the power at a position corresponding to the Fully Open & Closed position of the door.

Both the upper and lower limit settings for the curtain travel are pre-set in the factory to suit the opening height of each individual door, however fine tuning will be required, using the following proceedure.

Whilst toggling between the upward/downward control buttons on the control box, make adjustments to the limit travel settings as follows.

Installation Pic.10 Installation Pic.11
Slide rings over auto locks as shown. Make sure fixing screws do not sit proud, this can cause curtain damage. Once the rings are secure fit sponge tape around the rings. Set the top limit. See tube motor instructions.
Installation Pic.12 Installation Pic.13
Fine tune the bottom limit so the autolocks engage. Fit the white bungs and fit the cover
(optional - only with fully boxed option).
Wiring Diagram  
Wiring Diagram  

ImpoRtant Notes

  1. In the interest of your safety and others, this door must be operated by users familiar with its operation.
  2. When operating the door do not place fingers near or in guides or another moving parts at any time.
  3. The person operating the door must have it in sight at any times during this operation particularity if is automatic operation.
  4. Do not permit children to play with the garage door or electrical controls.
  5. Do not attach any objects to , or make any modifications to the doors as this may cause damage and/or physical injury.
  6. Operate the door only when adjusted and free from obstruction.
  7. Should the door become difficult to operate or completely inoperable, call a technician. Repairs and adjustments should only be undertaken by qualified person.
  8. Every 6 months check a tighten and loose fixings.
  9. Periodically clean your door with warm water, allow to dry naturally. Do not use abrasive or caustic based cleaners. Bird droppings are caustic please remove upon detection.
  10. Your new garage door needs an annual service by a competent person to maintain the CE mark and warranty.