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77mm Remote Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Important Notes

  1. In the interest of your safety and others, this door must be operated by users familiar with its operation.
  2. When operating the door do not place fingers near or in guides or another moving parts at any time.
  3. The person operating the door must have it in sight at any times during this operation particularity if is automatic operation.
  4. Do not permit children to play with the garage door or electrical controls.
  5. Do not attach any objects to , or make any modifications to the doors as this may cause damage and/or physical injury.
  6. Operate the door only when adjusted and free from obstruction.
  7. Should the door become difficult to operate or completely inoperable, call a technician. Repairs and adjustments should only be undertaken by qualified person.
  8. Every 6 months check a tighten and loose fixings.
  9. Periodically clean your door with warm water, allow to dry naturally. Do not use abrasive or caustic based cleaners. Bird droppings are caustic please remove upon detection.
  10. Your new garage door needs an annual service by a competent person to maintain the CE mark and warranty.